Using 7 printers for desktop Strategies Like The Pros

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There is a split down the back in paper so you can peel it one at a time I will go with the Parker cuz the printer onto the time and effort to do the park cut for us so you’ve got a dotted line down the middle that shows where the center of the label is and.

Where that should be on your Center cables let’s take the cable from our lighting over here where we did the wire wrap a minute ago so line is quickly on here so flag so we can see the warning symbol that.

I wanted on that side flip it over and we can see means -volt next label type is patch panel so let’s go into here you can choose your block length which is ml by default you can make it bigger or smaller so that will be each block is mil.

You can see the number of locks we’re going to drop that down to just for this demo you can choose your separator you can have borders thick borders whole where and border nothing couple dots or a few mini dots above any of that choose your orientation but you want to reversed go to advanced and.

Whether you want margins or not so we’re just going to go with that as if I’m happy with it alright so imagine this is patch panel we’re going to say we’ll have a living room that’s example next one let’s go kitchen it would be long before you have Network points in your kitchen and the last one.

Let’s choose bedroom let’s have a little peek at that looks good I’m happy with that let’s print it all right so that’s have a look so ignoring a bit they’re completely peeled off the one bit here is your patch panel label so this would go on your patch panel as you can see we’ve got little dots that separate.

Them fill in kitchen bedroom in order same size that can be happy stuck on a patch panel so you know what goes where and that’s the patch panel label the last label type that this printer has which is a new one it’s punch down block it’s been a strongly requested feature and now it’s here so you can choose your module width centimeters on here and choose your block type so how many pairs we’ll just choose a blank .

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