Kitchen Decor – Bring Your Kitchen Up To Date With These Vintage Ways To Retrofit


Are you in the market for some fresh kitchen decor ideas? Do you enjoy searching through the latest design magazines for fresh kitchen decorating ideas, yet don’t have the budget or time for a full-scale remodel? Have a few simple and easy decorating suggestions on how to bring your kitchen a big update worthy of even a home magazine. Here are just a few tips that will help give your kitchen a modern and updated look.

If you love to cook and serve food at home, consider replacing your kitchen’s cooker with a top-of-the-line, country-styled vintage cooker. These come in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes, from painted finishes to hand-rubbed metal and everything in between. They’re perfect for older couples who still want to live without the old-fashioned kitchen table and chairs, or for busy moms who need a kitchen that will work for even the busiest of sleepers. If you like the idea of replacing the cooker but aren’t sure what type of vintage cooker you should go for, consider either buying a reproduction (which can look just as classy as a brand-new classic) or going with a more modern and contemporary style of cook top called a farm sink.

When it comes to kitchen decor, nothing can top a red cast iron Dutch oven in both style and comfort. Built in warm boxes give this style of cooktop instant classic appeal and timeless elegance. This is a great choice for either entertaining on a special holiday or hosting a big get-together. And if you love cooking and baking, you’ll love having this type of cooker close by to turn those tasty creations into masterpieces worthy of royalty. This whimsical, vintage-inspired look makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen. Because it can be used for so many different foods, from lasagna to chocolate cake, pot roasts to sushi, these kitchen appliances are useful for all kinds of cooking styles.

If your goal is to create an atmosphere that looks great from the outside but feels cozy and inviting from within, choose greenery for your kitchen. Greenery doesn’t have to be confined just to the kitchen, either. Incorporating some green accents such as fresh greens, herbs, and flowers into your overall theme will help to break up the monotony of the kitchen environment and add a level of natural movement to the space. Potted plants also look great as well as old-time wrought iron plant stands, allowing you to add charm and whimsy to the room while providing your family with some much-needed breathing room. Metal signs are another great way to add a touch of classic design and charm to your kitchen decor. Rustic, copper, and aged metal designs look great above a vintage stove or on the countertop next to a barbeque grill. These finishes are also ideal for adding a touch of whimsy and color to an otherwise drab room. Since metal signs are made of the strongest metal around, they are easily able to withstand the elements.

Adding shelves to your kitchen can really add character and charm. Whether you choose shelves that match your cabinets or ones that compliment an existing decorative motif shelves in your kitchen can be used to display items like spoons and forks, cookbooks or cookware, and more. When using custom wall shelves in your kitchen, try to think beyond traditional wood grain finishes and consider a mirrored finish that reflects light. You can also have custom shelves designed to fit your particular space or to match an existing decor. Mirrors on custom shelves can also add character to your space as they can be used as a playpen for your children or a fun “rooms” for your daughter’s bedroom. Use your imagination and you’ll soon find that having custom kitchen design and decor can be very fulfilling!